x2 (to veg or not to veg?)

So, I figure… if I’m going home and not eating lame cafeteria food, I may as well become vegan. Or if not vegan, at least a more ethically conscious vegetarian. See, I don’t necessarily have a problem with eating milk or egg products, I just have a problem with the way the animals are treated. I would have no objections to eating cage-free eggs (or, for that matter, having a pet chicken) or buying dairy products from a local grass-fed farm with anti-cruelty practices. It’s more expensive, but they do exist.

Probably the hardest thing would be not buying wool, and I don’t think I’d get rid of the wool stuff I’ve had for years. As a general rule, my policy on wool/leather is to not buy it new, but think about it if it’s vintage/flea market/used. I haven’t bought new leather… in about four years, I think. I have two leather jackets I got at vintage clothing stores, and a pair of leather cowboy boots I got at a flea market… so while that may not necessarily be vegan, it definitely isn’t supporting the modern leather industry, so I don’t really feel that bad about it. I thought that purging non-vegan makeup products would be hard, but after going through what I use on a daily basis, I was surprised to find how easy it was to weed out just a few things with lanolin or milk in them. Oh, and there’s another non-vegan thing… I wouldn’t give up honey/beeswax/silk/carageenan/carmine, etc, because I have no affinity for insects. The little fuckers can die, for all I care. Especially mosquitoes and fruit flies. Fucking bugs…

I’ve been using PETA more and more as a resource over the past few years, which is odd. While they do have a lot of useful information, some of their practices are over the top. I just started liking them again when I read an article about a PETA member throwing something on someone, and I got a little annoyed. OK, a lot annoyed. I really dislike extremists – political, religious, or any other kind – because they give a bad name to the rest of us. Not that there really is a large group of “the rest of us”, because I figure about 90% of the world’s population are douchebags; therefore, 90% of the world’s minorities or groups of any kind are douchebags. As you can see, I really have very little faith in humanity. I think the point of this last rant was to assure you, the reader (all .47% of you), that I am not going to be an obnoxious fake-blood-throwing vegan.

❤ to all,


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