x3 (they got the mustard out!)

So, I got my phone wet awhile ago, and it became posessed. For a few days, it constantly pressed the number three by itself, along with the “#” and “&” symbols. This made it difficult to talk to people on my phone, because it would beep incessantly while I was conversing with them. After it dried off, the three button on the phone would not work – so I couldn’t access my voicemail (which has a three in the password), access the “DEF” listings on my contact list, or call people with a number three in their phone number. It was very annoying. BUT, it is now fixed. I don’t know how, but it did, and I’m very glad.

And by the way… those Twilight books and that Twilight movie that’s coming out SUCK. Fucking Twilight groupies… ugh… they annoy me so much.

❤ Aurora


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