x4 (so rude)

So, I got an e-mail on Thursday morning. The e-mail author made it seem like the matter up for discussion was very important and needed immediate attention. The author did not, however, request that I call or meet with them. I responded to that e-mail later that afternoon, and have not heard back from this person. What’s the deal? If it’s so important, why didn’t this person e-mail me the next day? Are they spending this time talking about a situation that pertains to me behind my back?

Speaking of people who talk about you behind your back, one of my coworkers came to me today to tell me something.

Coworker: “So, did the boss tell you about [insert issue here]?”

Me: “No, he hasn’t mentioned it.”

Curious as to why my boss hadn’t talked to me about an issue that pertained to me, I made sure to strike up several conversations with him. He failed to mention it. Did he forget? Should I have mentioned it? But if it was so important to mention to a coworker, why couldn’t he have told me himself?

The same thing happens whenever I end up doing group work for class.

Professor: “[insert group member here] complained about [insert issue here] pertaining to your work.”

Me: “Really? Because [insert group member here] never talked to me. I have e-mailed [insert group member here] and never got any response.”

Why is it that people feel the need to have someone else talk to me when they could talk to me themselves? What’s up with this relay race of information? Are these people not brave enough to talk to me in person? Is it common practice now to have a middle man in all conversations? Why can’t people have the balls to be more direct?



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