x5 (not a belief, but an idea)

So, today I put on the cross that one of my sisters gave me for my confirmation. I’m not going to lie – part of the reason is because it’s really, really pretty. And part of the reason is because she gave it to me, and that makes it special. But another part of it is because my friends and I watched Dogma the other day. I love that movie. Every time I watch it, I think to myself, “You know – Christians aren’t that bad. If Christianity was really like this, I think I could be Christian.”

But, unfortunately, it’s not.

So, I’m not wearing this cross because I’m Christian. I’m wearing this cross because I respect what Christianity could have been. Deep down in my heart, I have no beefs with what Christianity should be. In all honesty, I think that Jesus would have been exactly as he was portrayed in that film – a chill guy who is kind of wigged out by how people treated some of the cool stuff he said. Like Salma Heyek’s character said, “No denomination has got it right. What they don’t realize is that it’s not who you have faith in – it’s that you have faith.” And as Chris Rock’s character said, “Don’t have beliefs. Have ideas. People die for beliefs. But an idea you can change.”

I’ve always thought that religion is what you make it. It’s different for every person, but no person is really wrong. There’s one entity, but it presents itself in different ways so that everyone can have a slice of the pie. I call myself Neo-Pagan, but I can respect all religions. It’s not the religions that have the problem – it’s the people that follow them. The way I see it (because I have no faith in humanity whatsoever), about 90% of the world’s population are douchebags. Therefore, 90% of any given group/minority/religion/gender, etc, are douchebags. So I can not only safely say that most Christians are douchebags, but so are most Sikhs, Wiccans, Kabbhalists, or whatever. Each faith has its good points, and most of the bad stuff was probably added on later by – you guessed it – the 90% of the population who are douchebags.

So, that’s my rant on religion. Word.

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