x8 (it’s christmas, charlie brown)

Ok. So, instead of ranting about something, I’m going to tell you what I got for Christmas. Because, you know, I’m not always angry and blabbing about random issues. Sometimes I’m bored and blabbing about stupid issues. 🙂

From “Baby Jesus” (because Baby Jesus is for Christmas [Dec 25] and Santa Claus is for St. Nicholas Day [Dec 6]):

* Red satin sheets (I’m such a pimp)

* Gold coverlet (Again… pimp)

* Webcam (No, it’s not for sex websites)

* Pajama pants (One can never have enough pajama pants)

* $100 (Because it’s too hard to pick out clothes for me)

From siblings/friends:

* Organic bath and beauty basket (I am a makeup whore; what can I say?)

* Kohl’s gift card (I ❤ Kohl’s)

* Vegan cookies (Which were freaking delicious)

* Vegan lotion  and body scrub (Which smells really good)

* A faery statue and a bumper sticker reading “I’m Sorry I Missed Church: I Was Busy Practicing Witchcraft and Lesbianism” (The ‘rents loved that one…)

With the Kohl’s gift card and the cash, I got mostly clothes, some nail polish, and some purses. Attention smart shoppers: one of the purses was originally $90 (it was a Simply Vera by Vera Wang), and I paid $9 for it. Deal of the fucking century! With the remaining money, I will probably hit a stripclub for my birthday. Granted, I’ve been legal to hit strip clubs for two years now… but whatever. Better late than never.

If you are reading this and you gave me something, then thank you. You’ll probably get a thank-you card anyways, but whatever.

Merry Christmas, bitches.

PS – On St. Nicholas Day, I got a super fancy manicure kit by Seacret Spa. It was pricey if you don’t always do your nails, but if you’re in the spa every other week getting a manicure, then this is a steal. If you like doing nails, check it out.

PPS – Comment me and let me know what you got!

One response to “x8 (it’s christmas, charlie brown)

  1. My fav. present are these hiking pants from LL Bean. The legs zip off and then they are shorts. I can now look as cool as Giant even if I can’t run 87 miles through the woods like him and Gnarls.

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