x10 (it rips my knittin’)



You know what really rips my knitting? People who aren’t vegetarians but who can’t stand watching animals hunt.

I am a vegetarian and soon-to-be vegan because I love animals. I don’t want to kill an animal or wear their skin because I think that’s gross. I also think that the way humans keep animals in captivity and slaughter them for food or clothing is cruel, unnecessary, and wasteful. If we were living back in the good ol’ days and people hunted for food that they needed or clothing that they needed, then I would be ok. I would feel really, really bad for killing an animal. But people back then recognized that they needed to do it to survive, and they were grateful for what they were able to provide themselves with. We are in an era where we can replace animal based foods and animal byproducts with other and sometimes healthier alternatives, so I don’t believe it is necessary for me to use animals in that way. Other people do, and I respect their decision and don’t rip on them for it.

Now, think about it.

You people ignore cows and chickens and pigs and whatever else being kept in cramped living conditions and being slaughtered. You people ignore that the leather in your shoes is NOT an animal byproduct, but from a cow or bull or cat or dog or whatever else that was killed for its skin alone and NOT its meat. You throw away the meat that you eat instead of using it for leftovers or putting it in a compost pile. And yet, when you watch Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel or National Geographic, you cringe when a lion – who has no other choice for its own survival – kills a gazelle. You feel bad for the seal who is eaten by a hungry shark. You wipe a tear from your eye when a fox eats a duckling.


Ok, I’m a vegetarian, and I’m fine with it! These animals need to kill and eat other animals to survive. Nature is rough. We are pampered Americans living in luxury, so we don’t have to deal with what it’s like for these animals – or even people living in third world conditions – to survive on a daily basis. We kill animals and use their byproducts in a wasteful manner because we are a lazy, throw-away, me-me-me society. People living in barren conditions or animals living in the natural world do these supposedly “awful” things because they need to in order to survive. You do the same thing or worse to animals, and you ignore people who live in the same conditions, and yet you feel bad when the big mean kitty eats the little birdy?! Seriously, people. It’s the circle of life. Get used to it.

On a happier note, one of my friends gave me a stuffed Maleficent dragon for my birthday. She got it for 75% off at the Disney Store, and it is three and a half feet tall. I love stuffed animals that are the size of small children… they amuse me. 🙂


One response to “x10 (it rips my knittin’)

  1. Happy New Year Aurora,

    what other big stuffed animals do you have? Do you still have your rabbits?


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