x15 (yay!)

So, I’ve seen this PSA twice on TLC.

These two girls are shopping, and one of them says, “That shirt is SO gay.”

Hillary Duff shows up, and tells them that saying “That’s so gay” is insulting and not a good phrase to use, etc, blah blah blah.

Then the traditional black screen shows up, saying “When you say something is gay, do you realize what you’re saying? It’s insulting. Knock it off.”

Can I just say yay? Yay for Hillary Duff, and yay for pro-GLBTQ psa’s!

One response to “x15 (yay!)

  1. Haven’t seen this one but seen another one. Two girls are behind the counter and one has to work late, so the other says “that’s gay” and some customer comes up and scolds them. Good stuff.

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