x17 (boobies are good, though, right?)

Ok. So I watch a lot of those shows on TLC about people who have a shit ton of kids. During a scene where a mother was breastfeeding one of her many babies, she made sure to cover herself up with a blanket. It made me think of a comment that a normally progressive high school teacher made while I was in class: “I was in Vermont this one time, and I saw a woman breastfeeding in a restaraunt. I guess the people up there are really hippies or something… it was kind of gross, and I’m glad people don’t do that here [in Massachusetts]”.

Seriously, what the hell?

First off, breastfeeding in public is legal. In every single state. Second, I do not understand why it is gross to see breastfeeding in a restaraunt. You are there to eat. The mother is there to eat. The baby is there to eat. What is gross about a baby eating food? The answer: nothing. Even when they cough and spit up, that’s natural for a baby. It’s what they’re supposed to do. Arguably the only gross thing about a baby eating food is the fact that because of this, it will eventually produce poop. What is gross about breastfeeding in public? The answer: nothing. Babies need to eat. Breastfeeding is a really good way to do this. End of story.

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