x24 (i went went to cali cali)

So. California.

The flight out there was nice. Early in the morning. But nice. Good flying conditions, got to Cali in a timely manner, and the weather was beautiful. To top it all off, went shopping with my cousin and got some dresses. And got pedicures. Honestly, that kind of freaked me out. Too many chemicals and pointy mental implements. But all in all, a pretty good day.

The next day was pretty good. Weather was slightly cooler, and I spent the day in my cousin’s classroom. Then her dad flew out, and I think we went out to dinner. The whole time there was kind of a blur.

The next day was kind of cold. Not by MA standards, but when you go to fuckin’ California you expect the temperature above 50 degrees. And it rained like a fucking banshee that afternoon. My uncle and I went and hung out with some sixth graders… we supervised them while they put together and painted some picnic tables. The theme was patriotic. They turned out really nice. Then my cousin’s Navy friend showed up and this six year old neighbor showed up and we had spaghetti. The six year old was wicked cute. And we have the same birthday, which is pretty cool – I’ve never met anyone with my birthday before.

Wednesday was fucking freezing. The tree dedication was that morning. Apparently, the reason my cousin had the ceremony and made such a big deal out of it was because the landscapers were spacey. They didn’t like Phill’s tree, so they moved it. My cousin was like, “Wtf? That’s a dedicated tree. You can’t just move it.” And they said, “Oops… sorry. We’ll give you another one to make up for it.” So she decided that she’d dedicate it in such a huge way that no landscaper would ever again think of moving it.

Anyways, it was a really beautiful dedication. My cousin’s fourth grade class planned it all, and it was really good – even my uncle said that he knew adults who couldn’t do half as good a job planning something like that. They sang “America the Beautiful” and the Marine Corps hymn. The local ROTC color guard came down and presented my cousin with a flag. And some of the kids did a really nifty reading of the preamble to the Constitution. If I can find it online, maybe I’ll post it. Panera Bread donated some yummy food… and did I mention it was cold?

I got everything packed, and made my 7 pm flight on time. I arrived in San Fran on time. I had two and a half hours to kill before my next connection, so I took my time getting dinner and whatnot. There were signs posted saying that my gate was right up ahead. No big, right?

So I started walking towards my gate. And I kept walking. And I kept walking. And then I got to the terminal exit. It was at the exit to the building that the sign finally mentioned “Your gate is in a different building.” Great. Different building meant another security check in, which I had not allotted time for. To top it all off, I asked five different airline officials how to get to the goddamn building, and I got different answers from all of them. Needless to say, I was quite lost and by the time I got through security I had missed my flight. Greaaaaat.

Luckily, because I complained and blamed the airline, they gave me another connection flight free of charge. Unluckily, my connection flight didn’t leave for another twelve hours. I’m amazed that I spent the night in an airport and nobody tried to rob me while I was sleeping.

The flight from San Fran to Phili was fucking ridiculous. It was long, noisy (I’ve been on a lot of planes, and I’ve never been on one that noisy), and the turbulence was insane. And the restroom lines were longer than from here to Timbuktu.

I finally arrived in MA at 8:30 pm. I just missed the Logan Express, and I ended up missing the second one because my luggage hadn’t arrived yet. I didn’t plan on checking my luggage, but nobody checks luggage anymore because it’s so expensive… so every flight I was on had their carry-on storage area full to bursting, and they requested people to check their luggage free of charge. So finally I said fuck it and had them ship my luggage.

And that’s my story. Woooo.


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