x25 (Aren’t You A Little Short For A Storm Trooper?)

So. Back in November, I went to the Star Wars Concert. I mentioned on the blog that I was excited about it, but never did a follow up. This is my follow up.

So, friend R picked up friend G and then they picked up me. We ended up missing the train we were going to take, because it took longer to pick up friend G than friend R had anticipated. Once we got into Boston, every T line we took we seemed to miss by about a minute, and then had to wait for the next one. And then we took the wrong T. We ended up at the concert about half way through it, although we didn’t know that at the time. I have only been to two actual pay money for tickets concerts, and I keep forgetting that they’re not that long. I guess performers need breaks or something like that? Go figure. And you would think with a set list from Star Wars, there’d be a lot of music. But there really wasn’t as much as I was expecting.

So. We missed half the concert, and then went and took pictures with the props and the people dressed up as Stormtroopers. Also, someone outside the concert was selling lightsabers. Not real ones, but whatever. We all bought some and friend G, who does performances for ren faires, whooped our asses with her fencing skills. We then got a bite to eat, and then ended up back in town, and went out to eat again. This time it was at Johnny Jack’s in Milford for the midnight breakfast. So good.

So that was the concert. Missed half of it, ended up losing money on extra tickets I couldn’t sell in time, and it wasn’t as long as I hoped it would be. But the music I did hear was really, really good. And I had fun with my friends. So that’s what counts, right?


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