x28 (catching up)

Ok. So here are a few quick updates to old blog posts. There may be new blog posts to continue discussion on more detailed issues.

x1 (starting over) – Update. Still living in Massachusetts, and still redecorating my room. After two and a half years, still not done! Focusing on a vintage theme with an offbeat twist. I’ll prolly post a blog with before and after pictures once the damned thing’s done.

x2 (to veg or not to veg?) – Upcoming Blog Post. Imma be tellin’ you all about my vegan journey soon. Keep your eyes posted!

x3 (they got the mustard out!) – Update. I have a new awesome phone (Droid X ftw, bitches!), so who cares about the old one? Also, Twilight still sucks.

x5 (not a belief, but an idea) – Upcoming Blog Post. This will be about my journey of faith (and lack thereof) after I tell y’all about my vegan journey. Again, eyes posted!

x8 (it’s christmas, charlie brown) – PS. Never ended up going to that strip club. I’ve decided that burlesque shows are way better. The chicks are hotter. Still need to hit up one of those.

x11 (here she is, ms. america!) – Upcoming Blog Post. I think I’ve mentioned a couple times that I was gonna write the part 2 that I promised and I still haven’t. It’ll come. Eventually.

x16 (super best friends v. cartoon wars) – PS. They came up with two new episodes that addressed that issue. Case solved.

x18 (making progress) – Update/Upcoming Blog Post. Still at my small retail store. Still vegan. Not doing Wii Fit. Met my goal of waking up at noon and going to bed between midnight and 2 am. I will post a blog about my various hairstyles.

x21 (to ink or not to ink?) – Update. Have a forearm tattoo. Planning on another one. Got those extra nose piercings. Photos to be posted.

Also, added a few new tags and links. Check out the links! I added a vegan tag, and a tag that says GLBTQAAI. What does GLBTQAAI mean, you ask? Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual, Androgynous, Intersex community. In case  y’all were curious.

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