x35 (the truth behind thanksgiving)

Like any good, modern, anti-racist, educated hipster, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without my acknowledging the suckiness behind the Thanksgiving holiday. No, this is not from a vegan standpoint, but rather a humanitarian one:

“The first Thanksgiving Day (not to be confused with the thanksgiving feasts) did occur, in the year 1637, but it was nothing like our Thanksgiving today. On that day the Massachusetts Colony Governor, John Winthrop, proclaimed such a “Thanksgiving” to celebrate the safe return of a band of heavily armed hunters, all colonial volunteers. They had just returned from their journey to what is now Mystic, Connecticut where they massacred 700 Pequot Indians. Seven hundred Indians – men, women and children – all murdered. This day is still remembered today, 373 years later.”

Rather than craft my own post, I’ll refer you to the already well written blog titled “The Truth Behind Thanksgiving” that was posted by a college pal of mine on her blog, The Travelling Foodie. Check it out – it’s something to keep in mind while you’re indulging in your food coma.

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