x44 (the bane of my existence)

Sorry about the lack of updates – two weeks ago I was sick, and last week I was simply busy.

So, I wanted to go on a traditional rant and rave today. Nothing deep, nothing moving or helpful, just me talking about something I hate.

And what do I hate, you ask?

This. Nail.


This is a photograph of the stairs in my parents’ home. Poking out of said stairs is this little nail. And I hate it. I always try to push it back in with my thumb, but because the stairs are old and we all stomp up and down them, it always starts to poke back out again.

I shit you not when I say that this nail is the bane of my motherfucking existence. It has been for years. I mean, there are other things that I hate too. Like, cracks, and things that sit on top of cracks. Or tables being set incorrectly. Or your mom. Ok, maybe not that last one. And maybe three things that I hate isn’t a very big list. But this fucking nail, you guys. I’m getting so close to just duct taping the hell out of that step to make the nail go away. Or maybe just ripping it out of the stairs. It’s only a 150+ year old house, so ripping a nail out of the already flimsy stairs won’t affect the structure, right? Right?

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