x46 (a poem by any other name)

Sorry about the late post; I was busy celebrating Valentine’s Day with my fiancee. I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, but I enjoy shopping for her and giving her gifts. I also enjoy making things for her, and this just gives me an excuse to do so. I’m sure as we progress in our relationship the holiday will become simplified, but for now this works for us. And I digress.

Here’s some poetry. It’s not remotely romantic, but it is poetry, and that’s sometimes associated with Valentine’s Day.



Roses bloom and roses die
This cycle’s always true
The snow’s on the ground
But light seems to have found
Some dark crevice in which to lie
Grammar poses problems
Words, they forms a wall
The lights, they twinkle
The sky, it sprinkles
Both slow and hard to fall
If some new hope is all I have
In theory, it’s better than none
But if all you have to lose is hope
I’d rather none than some
To live for fifty years or more
With naught to call my own
Is barely living, if at all
I’ll wait until I get the call
But ‘till that moment comes to me
I’ll always be alone


Keep Me Here Until I’m Gone

Less than twenty I can see
Have I lost the faith in thee?
I find there’s very few about
Have I lost – am I missing out?
Suddenly, the sky alights
They shower down upon the night
Midnight’s blue and scarlet’s dreams
Lost beneath my requiems
Passion’s whispers in the dark
Resounding, effervescent hark
I love you, but I cannot find
Reason to escape my mind
So I’ll stay here and wait for dawn
Keep me here until I’m gone


Lord of the Flies

I don’t understand
Why the palm of your hand
Can cause such incredible pain
Whether I want it or not
It’s like a gunshot
But others assume it’s inane
I’m lost and confused
And yet you seem amused
Tell me, why all the games and the lies?
Unless you come clean
And say what you’ve seen
The problems will gather like flies

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