x65 (don’t pin it – do it)

So, somewhat recently on A Practical Wedding, Meg Keene (the author of the book also titled “A Practical Wedding”) did a lifestyle post that focused on two things: unplugging from technology for the weekend, and actually doing the things that you pin to your Pinterest board instead of just having them gather there and “collect dust” (or whatever the cyberspace equivalent of collecting dust is). I feel like unplugging for the weekend is a bit of a stretch for me right now, seeing as my weekends consist of utilizing technology to entertain myself whilst cuddling with my fiancée. Eventually, however, this is something I’d like to pursue as a goal. But for right now, what is in my reach is doing the pinning, and so I’m here to share with you some of my pins that I’ve been actively incorporating into my life.

First, let’s focus on the recipes, because food. Mmm. I don’t have pictures of the dishes I created myself, so you’ll just have to rely on the pictures provided by other blogs and my reviews of the recipes. Next week we’ll talk about the tznius and the bedroom decorating.

One of the first recipes I tried was avocados with warm bacon parsley vinaigrette. I decided to beef this up by making it into a pasta dish, using fettuccine. I made up two separate batches – one with the bacon vinaigrette, minus the parsley, for my bacon-loving fiancée, and one with the spicy fennel tempeh, minus the fennel, from “The Veganomicon” for me. This was a success and I definitely plan on using this recipe again. I never thought to combine bacon (or bacon-y tasting things) and avocado, but it works. It really does.

Another recipe I tried more recently was roasted Parmesan green beans, which was served along with chicken. My fiancée cooked her own breaded, marinated chicken (I’m a little gun-shy dealing with raw meat), and I used Morningstar Farm’s Chik’n Strips, also breaded, as my own accompaniment. I forgot to trim the beans (oh well), and instead of using Parmesan cheese I used a teaspoon of nutritional yeast, and I used a full teaspoon of garlic powder. This was a really good meal, and we’ll definitely be doing it again.

And can we talk about the “best no-bake bars” for a second here? Yum. I mean, yum. I used agave nectar instead of honey, vegetable oil instead of coconut oil, and omitted the coconut flakes and walnuts. This was so freaking good. I ate more of these than I care to admit.

Now, this next recipe, eggplant chips, revolutionized the way I look at eggplant. I used to hate the stuff, and I was unsure of it as it was coming out of the oven, but this was magical. They reminded me of sweet potato chips, or the mixed vegetable chips you can buy in the store. This (and maybe breaded eggplant strips) are now the only way I will eat eggplant. Also, I should note that I kept the eggplants in for 40 minutes, and flipped them every 10 minutes.

Going back to sweet, dessert-y things, I love love love this recipe for iced coffee. I made it in a percolator, so what I do is add three tablespoons of ground coffee, six tablespoons of brown sugar, two teaspoons of cinnamon, and six cups of water, and let the coffee maker do its work. Then I throw it in a pitcher, add two cups of almond milk, and refrigerate overnight. Magic. Seriously.

Another recipe I tried was this zucchini strip salad. Basically all I did was strip the zucchini and roast it as per the recipe, and throw it over some arugula with spicy roasted chickpeas and the recommended vinaigrette (I added 1 tsp of all the mentioned ingredients). It was good, but I’m not sure I’ll try it again. I’m very picky with salads and I tend to prefer my greens sauteed in olive oil with obscene amounts of garlic and red pepper flakes. But if you’re into salads, this was definitely good.

Finally, we have what I think is my favorite new recipe: the taco pie. I used Earth Balance Butter and almond milk and omitted the cheese and sour cream entirely. This was amazing and great cold, too. I will *definitely* make this again.

Doing and not pinning. I like it.


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