x66 (time for a break)

So, last week was the 4th of July, which I enjoyed with my fiancee while watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Because yes. This week I’ve been completely exhausted and I’m not entirely sure why, so I’m extending my blogging break with three poems for you to read until I can get back on schedule.



Tiger, tiger, burning bright
Fuck me hard with all your might
The spark is gone, the passion lacks
To hell with this, I want it back!
You’ve stolen something good from me
And now despair is all I see
The fire consumes my immortal soul
And now I feel I will never be whole
The frightening answers that I seek
Have left me feeling lost and meek
You don’t care anymore and that gouges deep
A hole in me I’m sad to keep
I want to know the truth, my friend
If only I knew how your will I could bend
I’m alone in the dark and I’m scared as can be
The knowledge I seek could soon set me free
Don’t leave me here to wonder alone
All you must do is pick up the phone
With baited breath, I await the call
To hear the words that started it all
I only want the pain to end
Then swiftly I’ll be on the mend
If nothing else, then give me this:
Deliver me from this aching abyss
I’m not quite sure what I will find
So all I ask is please, be kind
You can feel free to push me away
But I’ll be waiting, come what may


Kyk die Lelie

Consider the lilies
Who fragilely cry
They blow in the wind
While evening is nigh
Their arms are entwined
In the roots of the earth
And they look towards the sky
Contemplating their birth

Wise are the lilies
Whose hearts are so pure
Whose minds are divine
Whose thoughts are demure
Remember the lilies
Prithee you shall find
A key for your soul
Who is lost in your mind


Lucky No. 3

What is there, but even and sin
For those who never quite fit in?
Third time’s the charm
It’ll do you no harm
To lose faith in control and in Him
Everything’s gone
But it won’t be for long
You’ll find something new in the end
But everything’s stolen
You’ll always be broken
You’ll never be able to mend
So if there’s no purpose
You must be, on the surface,
Happy and smiling and sweet
But deep down inside
All the things that you hide
Will destroy everyone that you meet
So if evil and sin
And the pain that you’re in
Are all you can claim for your own
There’s no way to win
Just hold up your chin
While you’re suffering down to the bone


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