x71 (my prayer is that i’ll die livin’ just as free as my hair)

Apologies for skipping a week; I was supposed to dye my hair last Thursday but something came up so that got postponed to Sunday and this blog post got pushed back a week. You see, last December I decided I wanted to be a ginger. I started out with Manic Panic on a whim and then transferred my attentions to a local barber shop that does women’s color. When that route became no longer financially sustainable, it was time to go back to my natural hair color.

Sort of.

I didn’t want my hair to be boring. I have hair ADD and it needs to constantly be changing. Initially, the plan was to dye the tips of my hair blue a la Ariel Meadow Stallings (who did the same but with pink), but I liked the tiger-like quality of my ginger hair poking out underneath the deep dark brown and it reminded me of that whole ombre thing that is oh-so-in. That, combined with my fear that I would fry my hair off while bleaching to make the blue show up, and a little bit of laziness, left me with the hair I have now. In a few months when my bangs grow out a little bit, I’ll probably add color to them, and since Manic Panic’s “Hot Hot Pink” will probably show up well on ginger-y hair, that might happen too. We’ll see.

But what I’m really excited to talk about today is the other thing I’ve been doing to my hair. Or rather, the other thing I haven’t been doing to my hair.  Id est, shampooing. At some point in time this summer (I wanna say around mid-July, but I can’t be sure) I quit shampooing and replaced it with the ShamPhree method popularized by How-To Hair Girl Roxie Hunt (at least, she popularized it in the Offbeat Empire; maybe not the entire internet has heard of this yet). Basically I mix 2 tbsp baking soda with 6 oz hot water and apply that to my hair for five minutes after brushing it through. Then I rinse and spray my hair with 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar mixed with 6 oz water, brush that through my hair, let it sit and rinse again.

I freaking love it.

I was warned that it could take two weeks to a month for my hair to adjust to not being shampooed constantly, but I didn’t have any transition time at all. My hair was simply automatically awesome with this method. I’m curious if it had anything to do with the fact that I was using an all natural sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, but I’m not a hair scientist so I can’t be sure. My hair tends to stay cleaner longer with this method too, which is great. The only complaint I have is that my hair is a bit dry – I have a coconut oil hydrating mist that I spray on it, but after I used the conditioner packet that came with the hair dye I realized that I missed having super-soft conditioned hair. Olive oil tends to make my hair just look greasy (and the only way to get it out was with shampoo, ew), so I think I just need to up the use of the coconut oil spray. Another thing my fiancee noted (this wasn’t something I was aware of) was that I smelled like salt and vinegar chips, given my use of fine sea salt as a facial scrub. I plan on remedying this by using rosewater to mix with the apple cider vinegar, something I shall also report back on. I’d like to try and make my own rosewater, rather than buying it in a store, so we’ll see how that goes.

Aside from the coconut mist spray, the only other hair product I currently use is Naked Eye Beauty‘s dry vegan shampoo, which I totally love. Throw some on,  brush it through, throw my hair up in a ponytail, and I’m good to go! My one complaint is that the container it comes in doesn’t have a solid enough lid, so you can’t take it on trips because it’ll spill open in your bag. I remedied this by placing it in an old spice container, which is perfect since it has the little holes in it to gently shake out the spices (or shampoo).

Overall, I’m really enjoying this pared down hair routine, and as a bonus my old hair products got donated to a local women’s shelter. For those of you who are interested, the name of the shelter is Hadassah’s House on 16 Cedar St in Milford. If you have any donations you’d like to bring (juice boxes, individual snacks, pasta, and pasta sauce are all staples there), drop ’em off and make a difference and stuff.


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