x72 (just picked a bunch of “oopsie-daisies”)

So, it’s Thursday, at about nine PM, and this post won’t air ’till Friday.

…oops. Sorry.

(It’s called “having a life”, you guys.)

Anywho, just a couple of quick updates:

I made my own rosewater to mix in with the apple cider vinegar, and aside from showing up blue on the walls when I spray my hair with it (sorry mom), I have to say it’s pretty epic. My hair smells like roses, which is lovely, and it actually feels marginally softer than straight up water with ACV did. I think I still need to use the coconut spray to get it to full-on conditioner softness, but we’ll see. I kind of like the fact that it smells like roses so I might ditch the coconut spray. Decisions, decisions.

Also, some news that I’m excited about: I finally figured out how to use Tumblr. I can be found at Life of the Light Before the Morning Star, and I’ll be posting about modest fashion, vegan beauty, and queer feminist rantings. I’ll still probably talk about all of those things on this blog as well, but my Tumblr will (hopefully, if I ever learn how to take an attractive selfie) have more pictures and be more condensed and more, well, Tumblr-y.

But the real reason I’ve been so busy (aside from trying to come up with blog posts across three different platforms that have substance) is apartment hunting. That. Shit. Is. Hard. Wish the fiancée  and I luck!

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