x77 (we found an apartment!)

I’ve mentioned this to a few people here and there, but it’s now time for the big reveal – my fiancee and I have finally found an apartment! We’ll be moving in on November 15th and I’ll update my Facebook information accordingly, so y’all can have my new address. We had initially planned on moving in together when we were still just dating, but finances didn’t allow for that, unfortunately. Now that we’re focusing on our brand new little family of two (three including our dog), it really feels right to mesh things together and be under the same roof. I’m especially looking forward to celebrating holidays together and creating new traditions for us and the dog-baby. In our complex, we have access to a larger common area that can be used for parties and such, so I have my fingers crossed that in the future we’ll be able to host holidays as well instead of just commuting to one set of parents or the other.

I’m also very excited about the fact that the nearby grocery store is a Hannaford’s. While I do consider myself a vegan, I find myself falling off the wagon occasionally. I always get right back on, but I’ve noticed that I only cheat when the vegan version of what it is that I want isn’t available. Hannaford’s is only surpassed by Whole Foods in its availability of vegan goods, so I’m hoping that having available vegan versions of my favorite treats will alleviate this pattern. My falling off the wagon has prompted thoughts of going back to being a vegetarian, but honestly I don’t know that I’d want to. Giving up all that a vegan lifestyle encompasses to occasionally indulge in egg and cheese croissants from Dunkin’ Donuts seems like a waste to me, from an animal rights perspective. Because some vegans tend to be so militant, I think it’s important to admit when there are instances of cheating or thoughts of not being vegan anymore even when you largely consider yourself a vegan. There are as many ways to be vegan as there are vegans and, in my mind at least, it helps animals more to be a vegan who occasionally eats dairy when there are no vegan versions of dairy available than to give up the lifestyle completely. People who are vegan for health benefits certainly don’t seem to have these concerns, and I find that people who are in it for the animal rights tend to have that extra bit of motivation that helps them keep with it. I definitely don’t think that being vegan is this heinously difficult thing, it’s just a matter of having the tools to succeed.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is creating a new faith community that doesn’t involve Catholicism. Ideally I’d like to convert to Judaism, but finding a shul that is open to interfaith families will be difficult without a driver’s license (and, well, difficult in general), so I’ll probably stick with some of the Protestant churches in the area for now. It will be really nice to distance myself from something that doesn’t seem to be a good fit for me, and I’ll enjoy broadening my spiritual horizons as I delve into what it means for me to be a Noahide.

So that’s the sitch. Wish us luck!

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