x79 (we’re here!)

We did it.

We moved.

It’s awesome.

…Except the part where my dog baby gives me attitude.

Over the weekend, when my fiancee and I desperately needed a break from unpacking, we opted to take our dog baby on a walk. Our dog baby is an adorable Chihuahua-Husky mix named Blue who enjoys misbehaving. He enjoyed the walk.

Fast forward to yesterday.

A few minutes after my fiancee, A, left, Blue started barking. I called her to make sure he had been taken out; he had. She suggested I check the closets to make sure no one had broken in. Then she suggested I sleep on the couch so that it would be easier to tell him to knock of the barking. We suspected he either had an issue with the neighbor’s dog or was uncomfortable being in a new place with a “new” person. I opened his crate and moved his bed next to the couch. He jumped on the couch. I told him “no” and put him on the floor. He jumped on the couch. This continued and seeing as it was 6 in the morning and I don’t normally get up until 10 am I said, fuck it, the dog can cuddle with me on the couch.

Later that morning I rolled off the couch, straightened up a bit, and decided to take Blue on our walk. And let me tell you, this dog was having none of it. Every few minutes he would stop, turn around, and look toward the direction of home and then look at me. It was as though he was saying, “You are not my mommy, and I refuse to let you exercise me.” It’s worth noting that he’s almost two pounds overweight, which is a big deal for such a small animal, so he really needs this walk. It got to a point where I was dragging him and finally I gave up and carried him to the halfway point of the walk. Once he realized we were finally heading home, he was happy to daintily trot along beside me.

Today (Wednesday) went differently. Today, I was a dog mommy on a mission. I dragged him on our walk, and he didn’t put up as much of a fuss as he did yesterday – plus I think it helped that I decided I didn’t care how stupid I looked forcing him to accompany me. And when he jumped on the couch without my permission, he earned being tied to the kennel.

I’m learning.

And I can’t wait until my dog baby sees me as much of a mommy as he does his other mommy.


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