x93 (did you)

I don’t wanna talk about it
Fighting, kicking, screaming
Just don’t think about it
The hole in my heart bleeding

I want to put this behind me
Not in any current danger
The answers will always elude me
I never suspected a stranger

They call Dylan a liar
The stories make me want to scream
My body is on fire
I feel his hands on me when I dream

Somehow I’m the bad guy
Please don’t touch me there
The rawness makes me feel shy
Progress is going nowhere

I wish that I was dead
I wish that I had answers
I scream until I’m red
I keep giving out more chances

I don’t know who to trust
So I pretend it’s all ok
Fragile broken, can’t feel lust
Waiting for you to say “hey”

“Hey, this is what happened
This is why I cut you off
Hey, your journey for truth is at an end
I’m sorry it took me so long”

But that will never happen
And I don’t have the strength
To ask, “Did you molest me?”

…And so the pain won’t change


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