x123 (thanksgiving through the ages)

Today’s post will be a bit of a light one in lieu of the holiday. First, I’m going to link to past Thanksgiving posts, which are mostly recipes but one post about the suckiness of the holiday’s origins:

Thanksgiving Recipes, Part 1 (with pictures!)

Thanksgiving Recipes, Part 2 (with pictures!)

Thanksgiving Recipes, Part 3 (no pics here, sorry)

The Truth Behind Thanksgiving (the website that was linked in this post is no longer functioning; I’d recommend doing further research)


During my last therapy session, we started with EMDR therapy, which I’ll delve further into in a later post. One of my cognitions was the phrase “I am not crazy”, which stems from the idea of my repressed memory being part of a manic delusion being so bothersome to me. But you want to know what is, truly, a delusion?

That bitch Amy from Kitchen Nightmares.

My fiancee and I have become addicted to Kitchen Nightmares, and Season 5 is one of the only seasons not found on Hulu Plus. Hearing that the episode featuring Amy’s Baking Company was one of the most controversial, we knew we had to look it up. And while Amy doesn’t fit the clinical definition of delusional, she sure as hell fits the colloquial one. It’s good to know what “crazy” really looks like when I’m starting to feel down and out about my mental state. It gives me something to laugh at when I’m remembering that my thoughts and feelings are, indeed, valid.

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