x131 (finally)

I’ve finally found a therapist who is willing to acknowledge not only the initial issue but the traumatic effect of December, whether or not it was a reflection on any childhood trauma. I’ve been seeing her for about six months, and she said that I would need to be patient – that uncovering this kind of trauma in therapy is like peeling back layers of an onion, and it would take time. We went back to EMDR today, and she said that next week we would start using the EMDR to focus on the initial issue. I felt such a profound amount of relief. While I had managed to do some work processing my emotions by myself and with the help of some close friends, this issue has only been briefly touched upon in therapy when I used BARCC’s free services. I’m so glad to finally be touching on this issue. While when I first clandestinely discussed this with a few people I found support, for the most part this issue has been swept under the rug as me “overreacting” or being “sensitive”. While some have acknowledged my story, others have said that while the behavior was problematic, it wasn’t sexual abuse. I’m tired of people telling me that my reaction and emotions regarding the initial issue are inappropriate. I’m ready to discuss this with trusted people and try to move forward.


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