x141 (goals for the month)


By Daniele Zanni, used with Creative Commons License, edited by Mydnyht Rantings

Image by Daniele Zanni, used with Creative Commons License, edited by Mydnyht Rantings

Although we’re almost a week (!) into May, I’m going to go over my goals for the month. I set yearly goals at odd times during the year, which I’ll touch on, and then five monthly goals that I work toward in addition to following Intentional By Grace’s monthly checklist.

One of my monthly goals is to do 20 minutes of yoga once a week. Ideally I would be doing it twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I struggle to get motivated so I’ve moved from setting the goal to once a month, twice a month, and now once a week. I use the Wii Fit for this, which makes it pretty easy (although it would be nice if I could remember some poses well enough to do them outside). While I do take walks with my dogs once or twice a day, yoga is recommended for people who struggle with trauma memories and repressed memories because it can help you stay in your body when you are feeling triggered. I’m hoping that a regular yoga practice will prepare my body for flashbacks and body memories that may occur.

My second monthly goal is to put money into savings. Unless the month has five weeks (which May does), I usually have enough money to put into a joint savings account with my fiancee. I also try to set aside a small amount of money every month so I have a bit of a cushion in my bank account instead of spending the entirety of my disability check. Because disability doesn’t provide a lot of money, this can sometimes be difficult because if something comes up last minute I will have to dip into the money I would normally set aside for savings. We’ll see how this one goes – I was successful with this last month, so hopefully I can repeat that. This is also one of my yearly goals, so it’s important that this is something I work on consistently.

One of my other yearly goals is to decorate our apartment. To help me accomplish this goal, two of my monthly goals include doing some window shopping for bedding to mesh our two unique decorating styles and finally hanging up a picture. We’ve lived together for about a year and a half now and we’ve never hung anything up in either of our apartments that wasn’t strictly functional. It would be nice to have something pretty to grace our walls.

My final goal for the month is to work on buying birthday cards for my friends and family. I used to buy gifts for everyone, but since moving out on my own money has been tight and this hasn’t been in the budget. If nothing else, I give people a phone call on their birthday, but I would like to set aside enough during the year to purchase cards to send to people. It’s the thought that counts.

Here’s hoping I’m able to stick to my guns and get some (preferably all) of these things accomplished this month.

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