x145 (goals for the month)


Image by Daniele Zanni, used with Creative Commons License, edited by Mydnyht Rantings

I’m not sure if I should count my goal of doing yoga once a week for the month of May as completed or not. The first two weeks I did well, even doing yoga twice a week, which is the long-term goal. However, partly due to a busy schedule, and partly due to the Wii remote and balance board running out of batteries, I didn’t manage to practice yoga once a week (although I think I did manage to get in four yoga sessions this past month).

I didn’t really reach my goal of putting money into savings. I ended up having to dip into my savings/cushion fund, so I only managed to have around $10 extra this month – about half of my goal. I’m hoping that since June will have a little more flexibility since it’s a four week month, I’ll be able to put a little bit more in savings than I usually do.

I managed to complete my goal of window shopping and hanging something up on our walls. When I was living with my parents, I decorated a cork board with a lobster and map motif, and that is now hanging up in our office nook above the computer desk. It’s come in quite handy to keep things organized. I’m still trying to decide what items to buy to finish decorating our bedroom, but I did figure out some things I definitely want to get – now it’s just a matter of setting aside the money to purchase these items.

I also managed to complete my goal of purchasing birthday cards for the folx in my life. They were all sent out and enjoyed, and I’m glad I put in the effort to do something little like this.

Once again, one of my monthly goals is to do yoga once a week, or at least four times this month. Since we’re out of batteries for the Wii, I might use a YouTube video or get something from the library. Hopefully I can stick with this.

Also another repeat goal, I’d like to put money into savings. Technically this is already accomplished – I contributed a chunk to our joint savings fund – but I’d like to put more into my own personal savings.

A new goal for the month of June is that I’d like to reach out to a local rabbi and inquire about becoming a part of the community in the Ayer area and converting to Judaism. I’ve been putting this off partly because travel for me is difficult but also because I’m terrified that the answer will be “no, you cannot convert, you are not welcome.”

Another goal is that I’d like to try to stop picking at my skin. This is something my dermatologist always chides me about, and I try really hard, but it’s so tempting.

My final goal is to go out to coffee with a friend, partly to connect and partly because I struggle with socializing.

Fingers crossed I get this stuff done!

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