x149 (goals for the month)


Image by Daniele Zanni, used with Creative Commons License, edited by Mydnyht Rantings

June was not the most successful month when it came to completion of goals. I’m pretty sure I managed to do yoga four times, though, although it never occurred to me to find a better system of keeping track of my practice now that I’m not using the WiiFit. I found a set of YouTube videos I’ve been using and so far I like it a lot better than the WiiFit – it’s much more exciting and I feel like I’m less likely to get stale or bored. Unfortunately, I was not able to put money into savings this month – I actually dipped into my savings and spent more than I brought in this month. I plan on being much more careful with my spending this month.

Due to funds being tight and my dipping into my savings, I wasn’t able to meet with a friend for coffee or take the train out to meet with a local rabbi because I couldn’t afford to do either of those things. I did, however, get better about picking at my skin – my skin is clearing up because of a combination of that and some new acne medication and a drying mask I’ve been using.

Many of my goals for the month are repeats – once again, I’d like to put money into savings and do yoga four times a month. I’d also like to try once more to meet with a friend for coffee or lunch. This is a repeat goal from a month or two ago, but I’d like to hang more things up on the walls to give our apartment more of a lived-in feel. My final goal for the month of July is to plan two reunions – one for my immediate family and one for my friends that I think of as family. I had wanted to do this last year but never got around to it.

New month, new start. I got this.


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