x153 (goals for the month)


Image by Daniele Zanni, used with Creative Commons License, edited by Mydnyht Rantings

I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted to in the month of July. I was unable to put money into savings and actually dipped into my savings to make it through the month. I also didn’t hang anything up, but I did get out the pictures I do want to hang and figured out the general area they’ll go in, which is half the battle. I’m still working on creating a guest list for the “framily” reunion – my side is pretty solid, it’s mostly getting my fiancee to solidify her side of the guest list and come up with a date that works for everybody.

There were some things I did manage to do, though – I did yoga four times using a YouTube video series I found that I really like. I also met with a friend from England for lunch whom I haven’t seen for years, and it was really nice to catch up with her and meet her beau.

For the month of August, I’d once again like to put money in savings, hang up some pictures, and start solidifying the date to the framily reunion and start inviting people. I’d also like to get up at 9:30 for 21 days in a row and make an appointment with a podiatrist. My feet stick out at an odd angle and always have, and I want to make sure it’s not too problematic or preventing me from running (something I’ve always struggled with). I’ve been trying to do this for a while but MassHealth being what it is, I’ve run into quite a bit of red tape.

Hopefully I can get all this done!

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