Posts of Note

I’ve written guest posts for lifestyle blogs before, including Offbeat Bride and A Practical Wedding. Here are links to my guest posts on other blogs:

Marriage and Relationships

The Wedding Proposal Blues

Dear Bridal Industry: We need to talk about “looking pretty” on our wedding day

The Name Game

This is what I wish someone would have told me about relationships when I was young

Offbeat Home & Life

Solar Roof Shopping? Things You Should Know

Set Digital Reminders to Use Your Coupons

I simplified my beauty routine and I’m not “less of a woman” for it

Make compromises within a relationship that don’t mean sacrificing your values

I’m Queer and Religious: Yes, We Exist

FU A/S/L: I’m starting to care a little bit less about labels


“Rainbow Brite” Beans and Rice

“Megan Simple” Taco Beans and Zeera Rice

In addition, there is a static menu on the left hand side of this blog that features posts that will give you a little bit of background on me and my experiences with depression, disability, and repressed memories. They should give you a feel of what the blog is about.


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